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Home Theater & Audio

Home Theater & Audio

Home Theater & Audio

Digital Design & Technology are experts at creating a custom home theater experience for any room in your house. We have an extensive list of options for your home theater design, and we can fully customize your house with a variety of home theater systems, media rooms, home audio, & home automation systems.

Custom Home Theater Rooms

Imagine being in the comfort of your own home while sitting back relaxing in your custom designed theater room with tiered seating, a 120 inch screen, cinema grade surround sound, and the ability to control your lights and shades from your universal remote control.

Enjoy the ideal movie watching experience with your very own Custom Home Theater System. With the advancement in audio and visual technologies it is more possible than ever to enjoy the ultimate movie experience from the convenience of your own home. A Custom Home Theater System allows you to control every aspect of your viewing experience. Room lighting can be customized according to your liking (light, dim, dark, etc). Seating can be made to replicate a conventional theater, with the seats being fixed in multiple rows, often with risers to enhance your viewing peripherals. Digital Design & Technology will also control the acoustics in your room for the ultimate audio experience.

Home Audio Systems

Would you like speakers throughout your home? Do you want to have background music playing while you move from room to room?

Fill your home with your favorite sounds and music with a Home Audio System. The benefit of having a Home Audio System is that you can control where your favorite music is played. Digital Design & Technology can give you the flexibility to play different music and audio in different rooms. What’s better than music playing in the background for everyone to enjoy while hosting a party? Whether it’s in the kitchen, on the deck, or in the media room: it’s all possible with the flexibility that a Home Audio System provides.

Media Rooms

Hiding the equipment in a nearby closet or in cinema room behind closed door is no problem, the remote controls can operate the equipment from anywhere in the house.

With the advancement in home entertainment such as computers, televisions, video gaming, and video/audio equipment, the typical family/living room has evolved and transformed into modern day Media Rooms. Media Rooms are becoming more and more popular for entertaining guests, watching movies or TV, and playing videogames. It is an ideal opportunity for families to gather and share quality leisure time. While Media Rooms are ideal for watching movies, they are not as structured as a custom home theater room, and provide more functionality for other activities outside of home entertainment. Digital Design & Technology, will conceal wires and other equipment in a cabinet or closet to help improve the aesthetics of your Media Room.

Universal Remotes

Imaging having the ability to control all of your electronic needs from the palm of your hand. You can push one button and have the TV and receiver power up and turn on and go to the right input, have your blu-ray DVD player come on and eject, dim the lights, and control the temperature of your house…all controlled with a single device.

Digital Design & Technology offers a variety of control system options such as a stand alone handheld Universal Remote Control, your iPhone, or iPad. These devices eliminate confusion and remote control clutter. One touch of a button can turn on all of the equipment, set all of the inputs where they need to be and make TV and movie watching simple, fun and effortless once again!


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