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C.C.T.V. upland

CCTV Surveillance Systems

C.C.T.V. upland

Most people are aware of CCTV surveillance as it are widely used commercially and in the public sector – for example, in town centers, shops and on public transport – and often featured in the media. The use of CCTV in the home environment is becoming more popular.  Not only does it improve general security, it can help to defend against anti social behavior, and is a way of keeping an eye on children and pets.

An obvious use for CCTV is to prevent crime and malpractice but it is also a valuable business management tool offering staff protection, supporting Health & Safety initiatives, aiding investigations, proving innocence and avoiding lawsuits; other examples of its use are help with production control and other observational objectives in factories where, for example, conditions are unsuitable for human intervention.  It can be used a wide range of other applications, such as traffic surveys, keeping an eye on livestock and for monitoring wildlife activity, to name but few.

At DDT we carry all makes and models and CCTV that’s right for your needs.


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